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Word of Advice

On a few rare occasions, I have been the recipient of advice that was so fundamentally life-altering that I stored the phrase nearly perfectly in memory. These tidbits, admittedly, are far and few between (only three come to mind), but the value they hold feels worth the wait. 

Though years separate me and the conversations each phrase was brought up in, I still remember the context of each one faultlessly. Ironically, I don't believe any of the people who gave me guidance realized how much weight their words had. These pieces of advice were all delivered so casually, like some small talk about the weather or weekend plans. Like it was so obvious. 

I have always believed every person to have a bit of knowledge that is innate to them and that no one else possesses until it is shared. This only seemed to buoy my theory. On days when life doesn't seem so digestible, these words of advice are my go-to sources for feeling grounded again. 

"Only be afraid when you have to be."  

"If you keep knocking on enough doors, eventually someone's going to open up and say, 'Come on in!'" 

"That puzzle piece isn't going to fit because it's not the right puzzle. Instead of trying to make it fit, put the puzzle away." 

I guess I give you all of this to tell you - the right words will find you when they need to, when you need them to. I believe that, and I hope you can find it in yourself to believe that, too.

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