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Welcome to Leo Season!

Updated: Jul 23, 2020

In retrospect, I probably attribute my enthusiasm for astrology to the glossy teen magazines I devoured during my adolescence. The horoscope page was always tucked towards the end, one final treat before you closed the celebrity-clad back cover and waited for next month's edition to arrive with yet another update about what the stars had in store. I mean, of course I wanted to know what day my horoscope deemed it cosmically lucky to strike up a convo with my crush in homeroom! How could I decide which day to wear my meet-cute approved outfit on otherwise?

A relic from the past. Yup! This is the TigerBeat 'lovescopes' page from Aug. 2013. (Also, yes, I did intern at this very magazine years later!) Image credit: DePop

Anyways, you get the point - my love for checking my horoscope started early. Since then, I've inspired (read: convinced) several friends to download Co-Star (aka the snarkiest zodiac app around), became the proud owner of a zodiac constellation necklace, and even contemplated getting a zodiac sign tattoo. I wouldn't say I take my horoscope super literally - but I definitely do try to avoid signing contracts during Mercury Retrograde, you know what I mean?

But...I digress. Today is a very (!!!) important day. Today marks the first day of Leo Season. Yes, I am aware that writing and dedicating an entire blog post to this very topic is maybe the most stereotypically Leo thing I can do. But here we are, and I'm happy you're here reading.

I spent some time today pondering what Leo Season means to me. Well, I acknowledge that I'm intrinsically biased. Still, I like to think this time of year brings out the excitement in everyone, Leo or not. It's summer, for one, and everything feels a bit magical. Leo Season feels sparkly with possibility. It brings a buoyancy with it every year that I can only ever find during this collection of thirty-ish days. July is a glorious month but there's a sleepiness to it that I can only ever seem to shake starting the 22nd, then it's like a jolt of lightning in the best possible way. It feels like a celebration; both theatrical and cinematic. It's stepping into the spotlight in your most confidence-inspiring look (bonus points if that outfit includes glitter). It feels like the energy the color purple carries. It is unabashedly optimistic, youthful, and free-spirited. I wait for it every year, and it always feels just as whimsical as the last.

Can you tell I live for Leo Season?

There was an article published by The Cut last November about why you should only celebrate your birthday on the one day a year which it is. And though I absolutely adore The Cut, I vehemently disagree with this opinion. Especially in a year like this, when serotonin feels like it's in short supply, I say - go ahead and celebrate. Whether you're a zodiac enthusiast, too, or prefer to simply celebrate your birthday month, I just don't think there are enough hours in one day to celebrate your accomplishments of the previous year and anticipate all the incredible things you'll do in the next. Birthdays are so wonderful because they have a way of refocusing us, reminding us how much we've grown in the past 365 days. That's one of the greatest gifts blowing out candles on a birthday cake can give us, I think - a moment to reflect, rejoice, and refocus. Simply magical, let me tell you.

Whether you're a Leo, Scorpio, Capricorn, Aries, Gemini, Cancer, whatever. Next time your season comes around, I hope you celebrate. Because it's what you deserve. (And yes - that's definitely the Leo in me talking.)

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