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I got a puppy!

I am returning from my brief blogging hiatus with some pawsitively exciting news! On June 14, I officially became a mom! Well, a dog mom. That still counts, right?

By now, you've probably heard me gush about my new puppy, Phoebe (not after the Friends character, I just always liked the name). She is a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, and was born on April 12 (Easter!). Her favorite hobbies are playing with Max, taking naps with me (she always sleeps with her belly up and feet in the air which is just as adorable as it sounds), and eating, eating, eating! Phoebe loves to eat. When I got her she weighed only 4.8 pounds, and now she's slightly larger and continues to grow every day. Since she has a little heart-like shape on her nose, her middle name is Valentine!

I can probably go on for hours about why Phoebe is the perfect pup for me, and she continues to prove me right every day. The puppy search was rather grueling (turns out a lot of people are looking for a four-legged addition to their family right now which makes finding a pup nearly impossible!), but I could not be happier with how it turned out, because it brought Phoebe to me. I waited for months to find the perfect dog, and Phoebe absolutely is. She loves when you pick her up and kiss under her chin and always gives lots of puppy kisses! Not to mention - she's great with kids, loves meeting new people, and her breed is known for being a good apartment dog, which was important to me, since I will be moving to NYC at some point in the next year or so.

Slide through for some Phoebe pics. Follow @cuteandcavalier on Instagram for more.

Now for a little background on the breed! Cavalier King Charles Spaniels are technically a toy breed, even though they can grow to be approx. 12-15 pounds, and they're known for being excellent companion dogs. Cavaliers (or Cavis, for short) also have some royal fans! The breed was actually name after King Charles II, who rather loved the breed. An excerpt from Dogtime reads:

It's said that King Charles II, who reigned from 1660 to 1685, never went anywhere without at least two or three of these little spaniels. He even decreed that the spaniels should be allowed in any public place, including the Houses of Parliament. It's claimed that the decree is still in effect today in England, although no one has tested it recently to see if it's true.

King Charles II isn't the famous person who loved Cavis, though! Former U.S. president Ronald Reagan, singer Frank Sinatra, and Sex & The City character Charlotte all had Cavaliers of their own.

Reagan, Charlotte, and Sinatra pictured with their Cavalier companions.

You've probably noticed Phoebe doesn't look exactly like those Cavaliers, though, and that's because those are all Blenheims! This breed of pup comes in four different colors - Tan/Black, Tricolor, Blenheim, or Ruby. Phoebe's mom was a Tan/Black Cavi, and dog dad was a Blenheim, and technically Rubys aren't supposed to have any white markings which Phoebe does... but I still consider her to be a Ruby. (She only has white spots on her face/nose, neck, and little tufts of white hair on her paws. She also has a super long, non-fluffy tail, which is a characteristic of Rubys.)

Well, there you have it! All of the fun facts you could ask for (and then some!) about Cavalier King Charles Spaniels.

You'll definitely be seeing lots of updates on here about Phoebe as she grows and progresses, but if you want to follow us on our daily adventures, follow @cuteandcavalier on Instagram.

That's all for now! Hugs and (puppy) kisses from Phoebe and I! XOX!

Illustration credit: hoobynoo in Etsy.

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